At Parr Home Inspection, we will examine the observable systems and components of the home. The major concerns with any home are Roof, Foundation, Windows, Heating/ Cooling and Plumbing. Upon completion of our inspection, you will be provided with a detailed report that lists any defects found during our home inspection. Our report also describes the condition of systems or components that, if not repaired, may have significant adverse effects on their life expectancy. As well as maintenance tips that you may have to undertake to maintain the home for when it is time for you to sell.

Some questions answered during an inspection?

  • Are there signs of structural or seepage problems in the basement and/ or attic?

  • What is the condition of the roof? Are there signs of past or ongoing leaks?

  • Is the chimney sound, safe and functional?

  • What types of Heating/ Cooling system/s are present and what is the estimated service life remaining?

  • Is the electrical panel properly wired; are there any special safety concerns?

  • Do the homes insulation levels appear to be adequate?

  • Are there any concerns with the fireplace?

  • What is the general condition of the exterior of the home, including porches siding and walkways?

  • What is the general condition of the interior, walls ceilings windows and flooring?

  • Crawl Space – moisture and/or structural problems?

  • Is the plumbing system, including water heater adequate and fully operational

Home Inspection Services

Buying a house is one of the biggest investments most people will ever make, so it makes good sense to have it checked out by one of the best inspectors available.

No House is Perfect. Homes start to require attention the day they are built. Your report may seem lengthy or scary but it mostly points out issues that are a result of lack of maintenance. Almost all defects found can be repaired.

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