Parr Home Inspection FAQ's

1. Why should I get a home inspection? A home inspection is an inexpensive way to determine the true condition of the home and can help avoid a costly mistake by purchasing a home in need of major repairs. We will assist the buyer in understanding what they are about to acquire. 


2. Is the Property Inspection Report my property? or can I share it with others?

The Property Inspection Report belongs to you. You may share the report with whomever you like. We send the report to you only, unless you give us instructions otherwise. The report is considered valid for use by the client for the property inspected. We will accept no liability or responsibility for use of the report by anyone else.

3. How long does the inspection take?

Generally, 2-4 Hours. The time it takes to conduct a Home Inspection depends on the size, type, and age of the property. We take as much time necessary to fully and completely inspect the property

4. What do you charge for a Home Inspections? 

The cost for a home inspection starts at $300. The price can go up depending on the size and age of property.  For an exact quote call us at 864-559-8060.

5. When will I get the report?

Your report will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours from end of inspection. CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE REPORT.

6. Do you report on the cost to correct any defects found in the home?

No. We recommend that you obtain quotes for any item that requires repair or replacement. You may have a contractor or other tradesperson come to the property and provide an estimate before you enter into the purchase and sale agreement. Check with your real estate agent about scheduling any of these visits to the property.

7. Does the seller have to fix all the things you find in the home inspection?

No. The seller is not required by law to fix anything observed in the Home Inspection report. We recommend that you consult with your Real Estate Agent with regard to steps taken after receipt of the Home Inspection Report.

8. Can I be present at the inspection?

Absolutely. We encourage you to be present at the inspection so that you can familiarize yourself with your new home. Areas of concern and other conditions will be pointed out, so that you will be aware of them when you are reviewing the report. We also make the inspection educational, so that you understand how your new home works. We encourage questions during the inspection.

9. Do you inspect recreational equipment, pools, saunas or hot tubs? We are able to inspect these items at an additional cost. 

10. Is the report a guarantee on the condition of the home? No. The report reflects what was observed at the time of the inspection. 

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